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Our History

Silicon Valley Financial Group began in 1953 when Ted Schenk became a life insurance agent with Cal Farm Insurance.  In order to better serve his clientele, Ted transformed his life insurance business during the following 25 years into an employee benefits and investment advice firm. In 1976 he decided to incorporate his employee benefit division under the name Schenk Insurance Agency, Inc. 

In 1980, Nader Issa and Ken Paige joined the firm.  Nader began his career in the financial service industry in September 1974.  Ken Paige entered the business in December 1976. Nader's primary interest was and still remains in the individual financial and estate planning while Ken’s interest in business benefits led him into the employee benefit field.  In 1979, Ted, Ken and Nader entered into discussions regarding the merger of all three practices in order to better serve their clients.  This new alliance would allow Ken and Nader to accelerate their knowledge and experience by introducing them to a seasoned clientele while giving Ted an opportunity to create a succession plan for his successful enterprise.

The merger took place in 1980 and 4 year period ending in July of 1984 proved to be very beneficial for all parties and especially the clients served.  Ken and Nader purchased the balance of Schenk Insurance Agency Inc. stock and Ted Schenk retired.

Nader and Ken continued the successful practice and changed the name to SIA Financial Services soon after the buyout. In 1996 they once again changed the corporate name to Silicon Valley Financial Group, as it remains today.

In 1999 Nader's oldest son, Gibran, joined the business and gravitated towards the Employee Benefits divisions of SVFG. In 2005, Nader's youngest son, Gabriel, started interning while attending college, and joined the firm full time upon graduation.

Ken retired in 2015, and Gibran continues to lead the Employee Benefits division providing exceptional service to his clients.

Nader continues to provide personalized attention to clients assisting with estate and financial planning. Gabriel works with the multi-generational clients, along with running the 401(k) & retirement planning division. Christopher Raddie joined the firm in 2018 and specializes in estate and financial planning. While working with many of the incoming referrals from longstanding clients, he also assists Gabriel in the 401(k) space.